Corda Foundation Awards

2022 Corda Awards

David Rosenmann-Taub
Corda Foundation Awards 2022

The Corda Foundation Awards Program was established in 2007 to encourage students, professors, scholars and translators to investigate, further the understanding, and translate David Rosenmann-Taub’s poetry.

[2022 Award Winners were announced on May 10, 2023]

An extensive collection of poetry, critical articles and bibliography can be found at Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes and atPoetry of David Rosenmann-Taub.

The mission of the Corda Foundation is to assemble, preserve, and make available the works of David Rosenmann-Taub.


Awards are offered in six categories:

David Rosenmann-Taub
David Rosenmann-Taub


Submissions may be in either Spanish or English, and may come from any country of the world.


[Poetry of David Rosenmann-Taub Site]

Advisory Board

Board of Advisors

A distinguished board of advisors will read entries for all applications that qualify and will determine the winners.

  • Carmen Alemany, Ph.D., Universidad de Alicante, Spain
  • Martha L. Canfield, Ph.D., Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
  • Jaime Concha, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
  • Teodosio Fernández, Ph.D., Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
  • Gwen Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
  • Paula Miranda, Ph.D., Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Jorge Monteleone, Ph.D., Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Cristián Montes Capó, Ph.D., Universidad de Chile
  • Naín Nómez, Ph.D., Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Álvaro Salvador, Ph.D., Universidad de Granada, Spain
  • Virginia Sarmiento, M.A., Corda Foundation, New York
  • Anthony Stanton, Ph.D., El Colegio de México
  • Miguel Ángel Zapata, Ph.D., Hofstra University, New York

Book Sources

A comprehensive bibliography and sources to obtain books by David Rosenmann-Taub are on the Corda Foundation's site The Poetry of David Rosenmann-Taub.

Sites About David Rosenmann-Taub's Poetry